senna... we force the pace of your cooking fumes

cookvision cooking systems – ideal for all downcraft cooktop extractor fans and standard cooker hoods. Cooking odours are a most annoying companion. This does not have to stay like this.

cookvision cooking systems have especially been developed for all downcraft cooktop extractor fans and standard cooker hoods. They exhaust the fumes from top, side or downwards.

Due to a special design of lid the steam exits are strongly channelled outwards to one point and thus can be exhausted easily. The circumferential silicone gasket keeps the cooker tight.

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Gourmet lid – cookvision cooking system

cross & clean

Frying steaks, schnitzels, fish & co.   can do no harm any more to cooking tops and open kitchens.

One special feature of this innovative Gourmet lid (serves as a  splash guard as well) is that the evaporating water condensates at the lid and is collected at the wide silicone lid rim.

Thus the condensated steam and water do not go back into the sauce or roast aromas.

So nothing drops back into the grease or on to the roast and the food becomes cross & cripsy instead of getting diluted.

After the frying the collected water can easily be poured out and the lid is cleaned in no time.  Just draw the silicone rim off the glass lid and put it into the dishwasher.

The lid fits both stainless steel frying pans in matt finish in the sizes Ø 24 and 28 cm. It avoids unpleasant splashes of fat as well.

Practical features

  • Roast gets cross and crispy by collecting condensates in the lid rim
  • Lid closes tightly - roast odours are kept to a minimum
  • Clean cooktop due to splash guard
  • GREBLON C3 non-stick coating – easy to clean, high scratch and abrasion resistance, environmentally sustainable (free of PFOA and APEO), 100% proved for food contact
  • No dilution of fat and oil
  • Innovative combination of lid and splash guard
  • Suited for all pots and fry pans size ø 24 to 28 cm
  • Easy cleaning in the dish washer, just draw the silicone ring of the glass
  • Ideal for open kitchens